A New Identity for Dojah: Our Rebrand Story

4 min readAug 24, 2022

An individual’s identity defines how they are perceived. Identities are formed based on different unique attributes — physical, social, or religious attributes — that make it easy to reference a person and are not exactly common to others.

Like individuals, businesses have identities that they craft and define over time. Companies define their identities by their logo, consumer experience, brand promise, and communication style. At Dojah, we set out to solve the problem of onboarding verified customers for businesses across Africa. We knew that beyond having great products and services, we wanted to have a firm grasp of our identity as a brand — how the market and our clients understand what we do and perceive our company.

The most memorable companies find a way to build a strong identity by anchoring their brand expressions on a core promise. Over the past few months, we’ve repeatedly asked ourselves the questions: “what is our brand promise?”, “what’s the mission that drives us at our core?”. In November 2021, we kickstarted our journey into defining the Dojah brand, and today, we are taking the very first step by rolling out our new visual identity on the website and Dojah dashboard. However, this is more than a design makeover — we believe it is a clearer representation of who we are as a brand.

Dojah Brand Promise

What we do at Dojah is beyond KYC and Identity Verification services, rather we are driven by a vision to onboard Africans to the services they need to thrive. This means that with Dojah, businesses can rest assured that they’re able to onboard verified African users across all stages of their product till these customers attain the highest KYC level required for the optimum value product or service offered by the business.

With the help of the amazing team at FourthCanvas, we were able to express this brand promise into a visual system that would influence our identity going forward.

Ladies and gentlemen, our new identity. 🥳

Scaffolds — to build and scale easily

Photo by ZHIDA LI on Unsplash

Just like Dojah, scaffolds and wireframes are frameworks that guide the building of physical and digital structures.

Through these visual elements inspired by scaffolds and wireframes, every single interaction with our brand communicates how Dojah serves as the robust and simple framework upon which businesses can build custom flows for onboarding and verification and then scale across borders.

Our Logo

Dojah’s new logo

The new Dojah logo was made based on simple geometric shapes — an octagon — and is loaded with three visual metaphors that we believe are important ideals we want to enact.

  • Keyhole: This, we interpret as security and access
  • Lightbulb: We never run out of ideas and solutions.
  • Builder: Just like a lego block, we are simple answers to complex questions; fitting in perfectly where needed.

Our Website

As we all know, a website is a major touchpoint for any brand and a critical part of its identity. As a part of our brand’s evolution, we needed a new website that offered a streamlined user experience for our audience while significantly improving our content and storytelling strategy.

The new website is a complete overhaul and revamp in terms of look, feel, and functionality. It has an improved information architecture and contains a much more comprehensive listing of our products with new product pages highlighting the products, their features, benefits, and how to access them.

We also updated our web app to match the rebrand and added more features to create a better customer experience. From performing actions faster to creating custom onboarding flows, you can now do more on our platform by leveraging our no-code tools, widgets, and APIs.

This new website perfectly captures our identity; check it out here.

Moving Forward

At Dojah, we believe onboarding opportunities come up every time there’s a gap between what the user is currently doing based on their KYC level and the potential value they are yet to access based on the services made available by the business provider. Moving on, our goal is to help businesses with the simple tools needed to fill the continuous gap of customer onboarding and verification.

Whatever you’re building, onboard faster with Dojah!




The complete API pack — for user onboarding, identity verification, KYC tools and instant notifications.