Build with Dojah — How to build a Peer-to-peer (P2P) Crypto Platform

A peer-to-peer exchange simply refers to a marketplace where people can directly trade crypto with each other, without the need of fiat payment.

Customers can easily send and receive currencies through various payment methods directly within the platform for quick and efficient transactions, when they are ready to sell or buy.

  1. Wallets are created for users as they sign up
  2. User A (Seller) offers to sell a portion of their crypto on the platform you build.
  3. User B (Buyer) offers to buy this portion (or even less) of this crypto.
  4. The platform collects the seller’s crypto in escrow
  5. The buyer transfers cash to the seller
  6. The seller confirms if he has gotten the payment or not on the platform
  7. The escrow releases the crypto to the buyer if the payment is confirmed

Dojah APIs provides the escrow.

Yes, it is this simple

And Yes, we have the APIs ready for you to build.

  1. To create wallet
  2. Get wallet details
  3. Transfer — Internally (wallet to wallet)
  4. Transfer — Externally


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Ayomide, Product Manager.

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