CDcare Partners with Dojah to Mitigate Fraud in Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Industry

2 min readJun 30, 2022

Formerly, if people wanted to buy something expensive, they had to save up for it. Nowadays, there are different payment options that allow people to spread the cost of their purchases over time, and the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) model is one of them.

BNPL is a service that allows customers to purchase items without paying the entire amount immediately. Instead, they pay a small fraction of the price upfront and complete the payment in installments.

The BNPL market has quickly become a more than $100 billion industry, with companies worldwide now offering credit payments.

CDcare is an online marketplace in Nigeria that runs the BNPL model with 0% interest in payment. With CDcare, Nigerians can buy the electronic appliances they need and the coolest gadgets in town without drilling a hole through their pockets.


  • As the BNPL industry grows in popularity, it becomes a viable target for fraudsters. To guard against bad actors while providing legitimate users with a frictionless and secure experience, CDcare needed a robust KYC solution.
  • CDcare had a 3-man team that carried out physical KYC checks, which meant they could only verify customers on weekdays. Besides being slow and inefficient, this manual process was expensive and created a poor experience for customers.


CDcare partnered with Dojah and integrated our KYC Lookup APIs into their product to secure it from fraudulent activities and create a seamless verification process.

By using Dojah’s Lookup NIN, Lookup BVN, and Lookup Phone Number APIs, CDcare can easily authenticate its customers’ identities.


By digitizing its customer verification process with Dojah’s KYC Lookup APIs, CDcare has:

  • Removed the operational costs that come with manual and paper processes because a physical workforce is no longer needed to run KYC checks.
  • Reduced its customer verification time from 48hrs to a few minutes.

Dojah helps CDcare provide its users with a seamless onboarding process while securing its platform from bad actors and fraud.

Why Choose Dojah?

Dojah is the complete API pack for user onboarding, identity verification, KYC services, and real-time notifications. We have helped over 40 businesses verify more than 4 million identities.

Dojah enables you to build the product of your dreams and scale with the aid of our APIs and products:

  • Our Identity Verification Widget will enable you to onboard users with ease.
  • Easy-to-integrate APIs that cover financial, messaging, KYC services, and more.
  • Identity verification coverage for millions of Africans extending Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda.

Start verifying your users today with ease. Check out our documentation to learn more about our KYC Lookup APIs and identity services. See a demo here, or send us an email.




The complete API pack — for user onboarding, identity verification, KYC tools and instant notifications.