Dojah 2023 Product Goals

3 min readJan 26, 2023

The motivation behind all we do at Dojah has always been simple; to provide tech companies and digital businesses with tools to efficiently build trust while preventing fraud on their platform in real-time. We are creating a more inclusive Africa with our infrastructure and solutions.

We had a brief discussion with our Co-Founder and Head of Product, Ayomide Oso, to get some inside scoop on Dojah’s product goals for 2023. Here are the details.

What do people not know about Dojah that you’d like to tell them?

This question is a bit difficult to answer since the marketing and sales team are working really hard to ensure that everyone knows what we do at Dojah. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that alongside ID verification and customer onboarding, we are very big on detecting and preventing fraud for the businesses we serve. With the products and features in our pipeline, it’s easier for businesses to build safe and credible platforms with smooth interactions for their users.

What drives product innovation at Dojah?

We have a strong sense of purpose as a company and this drives everything we do; first from the products we build down to the company culture. We’re empowering digital businesses with seamless fraud prevention systems aimed at helping them make the most value from onboarded users.

It all begins with that purpose; putting ourselves in the shoes of the founder or a product manager, outlining a system that enables seamless user onboarding that readily integrates KYC to verify users while setting rules that continuously checks for fraud attempts. At the end of the day the business owners and product managers spend less time fishing out and preventing fake users but instead focus on building exciting products and winning the hearts of more users.

What solutions has Dojah been able to build thus far, to capture this mission and solve the problems?

Since we launched in 2021, we have continuously enhanced our core services, widened our product offering, and delivered new solutions. In 2022, we helped more businesses open up new markets with our APIs for IDVerification providing them access to lookup and validate Government-issued IDs of users across Africa’s major markets including Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and SouthAfrica.

Within the period of operation, we soon discovered that one of the key reasons African tech businesses experience high drop-off rates during the customer sign up journey is the fact that these businesses restrict their users to a single ID verification option. This means, users who do not have the particular ID required by a digital product would have to abandon the onboarding process. We built the ID verification widget to solve this. The widget allows businesses to provide users with a wide range of identity verification options, detect and mitigate fraud, and increase the rate of signups.

Also, we built no-code tools, EasyLookup and EasyOnboard, to help businesses perform identity verification without writing a single line of code. It’s an excellent fit for businesses with little to no technical systems such that they don’t need to integrate the verification process into their system.

How do you know what product to focus on per time?

Our mission keeps us on track for the long term, but we also observe the short term by balancing customer feedback, insights from analysis, and watching industry-related trends. We are keen on feedback and listening to current and potential customers to discover their problems. If our current services don’t meet their needs, we sometimes update our product plan to include new solutions to the problems. Putting all these together helps us figure out which solutions to work on at every moment.

What are your major product goals this year at Dojah?

One primary goal for us is launching our fraud detection solution. I am excited at how much potential it holds and how it will help businesses integrate security into their products. We will also build solutions that can help us stand as a single source of truth. Watch out for them.

Looking ahead to 2023, what are your expectations?

This year, I look forward to the amazing solutions we will create across different industries and our overall progress as a company.




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