Dojah has joined Ycombinator!

2 min readJan 20, 2022

We are proud to announce that we have joined YCombinator with the Winter 22 batch.

Here at Dojah, we’re passionate about making scaling easier for startups and organisations looking to do business in Africa. Being serial founders ourselves, we know the pain of having to provide a service across multiple countries in Africa. Verifiable identity and financial data are still difficult to come by in Africa, requiring hours of manpower to integrate with service providers.

With Dojah, we are building a one-stop-shop for onboarding users (individuals and businesses) anywhere on the continent. By aggregating and standardizing digital onboarding and KYC APIs across the continent we will be providing a single gateway for companies looking to scale across borders. Just prior to getting into the YC 2022 batch, we reached a new milestone by integrating endpoints for 4 African countries — Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

Getting into YCombinator is a watershed moment for us at Dojah. We believe the backing of our newly-formed Silicon Valley friends will be instrumental in helping us achieve our aim of connecting businesses to Africans.

Ayomide Oso, Product Lead and Co-founder at Dojah shared this, “Getting into YC has been a tremendous boost for us. It has already been instrumental in helping us ease conversations with critical stakeholders. We are excited about what the future holds for us. Our growth translates to more growth for the African Startups. As we find the means to onboard users across more countries, African startups would have entrance to these countries also.”

So far, some of our other landmarks include onboarding over 400 businesses and completing over 2 million API calls. Following our YC membership, we are poised to do even more. We are working tirelessly to increase integrations in other countries. We will also be championing no-code tools to help non-developers with scalable businesses build out their onboarding and KYC flows across the continent.

Through all of this, our focus remains the same — empowering scale and innovation for African businesses so that more lives are impacted through technology.




The complete API pack — for user onboarding, identity verification, KYC tools and instant notifications.