Easily Verify Businesses with Dojah

Verify businesses easily with Dojah

Did you know we have an endpoint just to check the details of a business such as name, classification, registration details, contact details, financial information and even details of affiliates?

Be it legal or credit services such as loans, investments, insurance you provide, this endpoint takes away the manual means of trying to verify a legitimate business.

With our identity and verification endpoints across Africa for your customers, even businesses are not left out because while to some, customers are individuals, to others customers are businesses.

This endpoint ensures a much easier onboarding process for businesses and a seamless identification and verification process of businesses registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

How it works

You can run two types of CAC search with our endpoints using just their registration number:

  1. a basic lookup and/or
  2. an advanced lookup

To give details of the company such as:

  • Company name
  • RC number
  • Address
  • Classification
  • Objectives
  • Registration date
  • Business nature
  • Company classification
  • Location : city, state
  • Contact email address
  • Amount of Share capital

While some companies just need the surface details about a business, others might require a more in-depth search, hence, two different endpoints that’s got everyone covered.

This lookup will be greatly beneficial in determining

  • the eligibility of a business for services such as loans, investments,
  • the legitimacy of a business to avoid fraudulent and/or criminal activities.

You can check how this API works in our documentation to understand better and to test, please sign up.

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