🎉 The all-new Identity Verification Widget

3 min readMar 23, 2022

The onboarding flow is both a window of risk and opportunity for businesses.

On one hand, you need to ensure a seamless sign-up flow for your users, on the other hand, you need to verify that the users are who they say they are to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities on your platform. Sometimes, the users do not have a particular ID document required to get them verified on your platform and you cannot exactly make a total overhaul to your sign up process to satisfy a few users.

Optimised user onboarding is a common growth need for all tech businesses — you want a minimal drop-off rate during the signup process with the goal of getting the new customers to use your product fast. The resultant question is, how then do you optimise your onboarding and product compliance?

Since we launched Dojah in 2021, we’ve provided 40 African tech businesses with KYC, Identity lookup and messaging services through simple low-code and no-code API tools. And for the last couple of months, we have been working hard to help tech businesses across the African landscape focus on building innovative products and customer service while outsourcing customer onboarding and verification needs to a simple and powerful tool. Today, we’re so excited to announce our Identity Verification Widget; Africa’s first complete user onboarding solution.

Now that the API is officially out of beta, here’s what you can do with it:

Extract and verify data — Extract data from government documents, user’s IP address and device, then validate it with facial biometrics and OTP codes.

Provide instant feedback — We’ve made it easy for your users to verify their identity in one try with an assisted image capture built into the widget’s SDKs and libraries.

Choose your verification type — Choose between automatic identity verification and manual verification as it fits your sign up traffic and risk level.

Customize the widget — Customize the widget and dashboard to match your brand colour, logo, and display format.

Manage verification history — Keep track of every identity verification attempt from your dashboard. Pull a detailed report of verified and unverified users quickly.

Complete user onboarding widget by Dojah

This is a big step forward for what you can do with Dojah — we believe this widget is one of the key ways we’ll reach our long-term mission of helping you build and scale digital products with ease. Now, your users can complete their sign-up faster and you can mitigate fraud while optimising your conversion rates as you scale across markets.

At Dojah, we’re continually invested in expanding the functionality of our APIs by incorporating feedback from product teams and building low-code and no-code tools that can be easily integrated. This is only the beginning for us!

Start onboarding with the widget

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