May Roundup — What’s New at Dojah?

3 min readJun 2, 2022


The month of May was an eventful one for us. It was a challenging, fun, and intense couple of weeks at Dojah.

Building a business in the digital world is not a bed of roses. If it were, we would all be unicorns by now, worrying less about the risks of exposing our products to people we may never meet physically.

Today, it’s not enough to build great products there’s the need to deploy at scale for a global audience. To do this, it is important to establish trust. Find out in our latest article; the role of trust in the digital economy.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve shipped some shiny new updates and features. Read our curated product highlights for the month below👇🏽 :

Dojah Address Verification API 🏘️

The smarter way to capture & verify customer addresses in real-time. ⏱️

Businesses can now confront the problems that come with capturing invalid addresses due to a user’s typographical error or fraudulent intent. Powered by predictive text and auto-complete technology to remove friction and errors from the form-filling experience, our Address Verification API helps you to capture valid address data and verify the physical address of your customers in real-time.

The Dojah Address Verification API is only available to limited clients, you can request access to the APIs by sending a mail to us at

More Configurations on the ID Verification Widget 🕹️

Based on feedback and learnings we have gotten from businesses like yours, we added a few more things to the Identity Verification Widget.

  1. You can now tell if a phone number is active or not by validating it with OTP
  2. You can decide how easily you want your customers to go through the verification process by adjusting the strictness level on your dashboard.
  3. A custom ID type can be added to the list of identity documents, alongside the International Passport and Driver’s License.
  4. To further reduce drop-off rates, customers can now resume a verification session on the widget; picking off where they left off and completing their onboarding seamlessly.

Improved Dashboard Analytics

You can now view all activities as regard your API calls in a summarised and tabular view which can be filtered also by date, App name, mode, services and status code. We have also provided a guide that helps you understand what each status code represents.

Coming Soon — New Dojah Endpoint in Tanzania 🇹🇿

We’ll be launching a new endpoint that allows businesses to verify customers in Tanzania using the Tanzanian National Identification Number. Stay close so you can receive an update as soon as this goes live.

Smart Businesses #BuildWithDojah

We wrote a piece about how Prospa gives every business owner a bank account in 5 minutes using Dojah APIs.

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Thank you for being a part of our journey!




The complete API pack — for user onboarding, identity verification, KYC tools and instant notifications.