Messaging routes that ensure higher delivery

Dojah’s Messaging Routes

Dojah provides messaging services for easier and more effective communication through transactional messages. You can read up on transactional messages and all it entails using this link to one of our previous blog posts.

Dojah supports three channels for the transmission of transactional messages. These channels are SMS, WhatsApp and voice for numeric and/or alphanumeric strings that make up the body of the message.

In 2020, about 2.1 trillion text messages were exchanged daily for different reasons and on numerous platforms globally, indicating that text messages (SMS) are widely used and as a very effective means of communication.

Many do not still receive messages despite the numerous availability of providers because of the multiple points of failure that can affect the three major components of a message. These components are:

  1. The device (may or may not be working properly).
  2. The app (may or may not have bugs or malfunctions).
  3. The network (may or may not be sending or receiving messages).

Looking for ways to resolve some of these failures, ensuring messages are sent and delivered easily is the reason for Dojah’s messaging services routes, giving different options for effective communication to businesses.

How Dojah ensures a higher rate of delivery

This is done by providing three routes for effective communication between businesses and customers (individuals and/or businesses). These routes are:

  1. The priority feature.
  2. DND bypass route.
  3. Premium route.

The priority feature:

This is a feature that allows messages to be sent via any or all of the three supported channels (SMS, WhatsApp and voice). When a message is sent through a channel but does not deliver within a specified period of time, the next channel is tried automatically, to ensure delivery (one way or the other). The time limit, order of delivery via the channels and sender ID can be set by a user. You can check this out in the documentation and read more about this feature here.

Note that to use this feature, the priority parameter mode must be set to true.

The DND Bypass:

This route is majorly to bypass the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode set on devices. While some users activate this mode, others forget they have this mode turned on or forget to deactivate after a while, which will restrict the numbers from receiving messages. We therefore assist businesses to deliver messages to users, including phone numbers on DND mode by registering a sender ID for them with a government body — Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

Note that this approval is not done immediately and may take some days. It is therefore advised to request the sender ID prior to the going live date.

Premium route:

The premium route is really the high-end route which businesses can sign up to and are assured of a swifter and higher rate of delivery to even numbers on the DND mode without submitting documents or awaiting an approval. This route also ensures delivery to international destinations.

Note that this route has been proven to give the highest delivery rates across all platforms, but at a higher cost.

Businesses are and should therefore, be more focused on effective communication because communication is only termed effective when a message has been conveyed, understood and a feedback / response has been received. I.e. when the message is delivered and necessary actions have been taken.

Dojah does not just serve as a provider for messaging services, but a provider for effective communication made possible by ensuring a higher rate of delivery.

You can visit our documentation to view how the messaging services work and to get onboard, please sign up here and schedule a call here to discuss how this service can work for you.

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