New Feature: Priority Messaging


With our messaging APIs in Dojah, you can easily send transactional messages through our channels (WhatsApp, SMS) and you can also send OTP messages through the channels (WhatsApp, SMS, Voice).

The percentage at which messages gets delivered via the SMS channel is about 55–60% due to the DND (Do not Disturb) restrictions on numbers, and some of these numbers might not be WhatsApp numbers (only if you have solely requested for numbers registered on WhatsApp).

To bypass this, you can use the priority messaging feature in the Messaging APIs to increase the rate at which transactional messages/OTP messages get delivered to 90–95%.

How does this work?

For the messaging APIs, you would normally need the following parameters for your requests:

channel(required): channel can either be SMS or WhatsAppdestination(required): the mobile numbers to receive the message.sender_id(required): this is the registered name(the sender) the users will see when the messages get the delivered.message(required): the body of message to be sent.priority: indicate if you want to send with the priority mode. Default is false

If it is an OTP message, you will need these additional parameters:

expiry (optional): number of minutes before token becomes Invalid. Default is 10length (optional: length of token(4 to 10 characters), default is 6 characters

For you to indicate the message is priority, you need to set the priority parameter to true. The priority parameter is set to fault by default.

To use this API, click here for easy access to the API documentation and also here to login.

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Ayomide, Product Manager.

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