NUBAN — identity lookup with account numbers

Identity lookup with account numbers

NUBAN (Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number) is the standardized system for numbering bank accounts in Nigeria. This means that a NUBAN can officially be classed as an identifier (specifically, a bank identifier).

The NUBAN is also popularly referred to as, account number.

Most of the Nigerian population are classified as “banked”, accountable for the over 100 million active bank accounts across banks in Nigeria. We can say that the average Nigerian has two bank accounts, right?

The account number usually consists of 10 digits where every digit matters. If you have ever gotten an “invalid account number” or “account does not exist” or “account cannot be found” error, this is because one or more of the digits are not valid with the other digits or with the selected bank.

The account number can therefore serve as an easy means to identify an account owner (individual or business) using their account number because two accounts cannot have the same NUBAN and account numbers can be reported as either valid or not.

This is one reason for the lookup NUBAN service we provide, for businesses to easily and quickly identify and verify account owners and retrieve account information using just the account number.

How identification and verification process is made easy using the account number (NUBAN)

Dojah does this in two ways:

  1. Lookup NUBAN (account number)
  2. Resolve NUBAN (account number)

Lookup NUBAN

This endpoint uses the account number and bank code of a user to easily retrieve identity details of the user. Some of the information retrieved via this endpoint are as below:

  • Account name
  • Account number
  • Account type
  • Account currency
  • Contact number
  • First, last, other names
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Country
  • Postal code
  • Identity type (e.g: bvn)
  • Identity number

Resolve NUBAN

This endpoint returns the account name linked to an account using the account number and bank code, to validate the identity attached to the account.

For businesses interested in verifying identities rather than retrieving identity information, this is a better option.

There is also an additional service called the Fetch Banks, which can be used to get information about registered banks in Nigeria and their codes for other identification and verification processes.

Trying to onboard users for financial services or process payments on your application can be made easier with given information on an account. You do not always have to request government IDs that may not be easily accessible to your customers or go through advanced means that require high powered devices to identify and verify their identities when you can easily use their account numbers.

The continuous journey to financial inclusion for all Nigerian citizens is one that has witnessed rapid growth as more and more Nigerians are gaining access to financial services, irrespective of their gender, location, age, employment status, etc.

And for this to be done, there is the need to uniquely identify Nigerians which is done by issuing account numbers. It is one means of identification easily accessible to people, easily remembered and easily obtainable by all categories of people.

There you have it, an easier way to look up identity information.

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