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5 min readSep 19, 2022

43% of users drop off at the sign-up phase because of the friction involved in proving their identity while trying to access a product. Long forms, and manual processes, are some of the major factors that contribute to these high drop-off rates. It won’t matter how great a product is if users drop off before they can access it.

While businesses in the tech sector continue to leverage digital onboarding and verification solutions, many more businesses manually carry out their user onboarding and verification. This is because, developing a company’s own digital onboarding process requires a lot of time and resources. One of the biggest challenges is deciding the onboarding flow for a great user experience, developing the software, and integrating the necessary KYC services into a seamless onboarding. Other challenges include:

  • The cost of building onboarding verification from the scratch. Having to hire the right developers and the time to properly test and integrate verification into the user journey is a costly demand
  • The UX of customer onboarding. Creating seamless onboarding processes that fit into a customer’s unique journey without causing much friction so the customer can actually use the product
  • The need to continuously update and maintain onboarding. Onboarding is not static and changes frequently to better meet users’ needs and regulatory requirements, which places a significant strain on engineering and product teams

We think the time and resources deployed into developing user onboarding and verification can better be directed by the team to other critical aspects of their product offering and business success. This is why we built EasyOnboard. With no-code onboarding, these bottlenecks can be solved in minutes, not months with no developer experience required.

In Comes EasyOnboard

EasyOnboard is the no-code you need to reduce fraud, adopt compliance checks across several countries, and onboard and verify users easily.

On this no-code onboarding tool — EasyOnboard — we have curated different user verification options that readily helps you collect needed information from your users at sign up while in the same vein archiving the said data for KYC authentication. With simple drag and drop as well as accessible buttons, you can build your onboarding flow from scratch or move faster with any of our pre-built templates that cover Digital Banks, Lending, Crypto, and BNPL use cases. You can optimize for speed without sacrificing customization and control.

The onboarding flow creation interface comes with settings for:

  • Customizing the appearance of the flow to suit your brand identity and color scheme
  • Defining how to verify your users and the data you want to collect. From asking for only their personal data like name and date of birth to taking them through biometrics, document, or government data, the power is in your hands
  • Configuring the behavior of the verification process your users will go through
  • Setting the page users will be redirected to after a successful verification process
  • Generating a link you can easily use to integrate the onboarding into your application. We’ve made integration as simple as copying and pasting

Features of EasyOnboard

Here’s a rundown of the features of EasyOnboard and what you can do with it:

  • Add AML checks to onboarding

Not every business needs to run their customers through AML checks. However, if you do, you can include that in the onboarding flow, and we will run the customer through our AML screening solution.

  • Review manually or automatically

Set the acceptance or rejection process to manual or automatic. If automatic, Dojah’s system will handle the review process for you. You can also view the status of each user from the dashboard.

  • Set strictness levels

Define how strict the verification process should be based on regulatory requirements and your risk profile.

  • Define confidence level

When matching biometrics and documents, you can set a value of how close the data the user supplies should match the data on government and private ID databases. The value of the confidence level ranges from 0–90%, and users that fall below this level will be rejected by the system, ensuring security according to your terms.

  • Create unlimited flows

With EasyOnboard, you can define multiple flows that cover unique onboarding scenarios for a wide range of customers. This gives you granular control over the onboarding process of different customer segments and enables you to provide each segment with a custom, seamless and unique onboarding experience tailored to them.

Benefits of EasyOnboard

Here are some benefits you stand to gain with Easy Onboard:

  • Reduce user drop-off rate
  • Customize the onboarding experience with unlimited, easy-to-build forms
  • Cut down time and cost of building from scratch
  • Launch quickly by utilizing our pre-built templates and forms
  • Create onboarding flows that easily adapt to changes in users’ needs and regulatory requirements
  • Reduce dependency on technical resources and ease ongoing maintenance
  • All these with no-code!

How to get Started

For existing customers

You can access EasyOnboard through the No Code Tools section of the dashboard.

For new customers

Using Dojah for the first time? Follow this guide to get started:

  • Create an account
  • Get your business activated in minutes by entering your business details and providing the required information
  • Access Easy Onboard through the No Code Tools section of the dashboard

Book a meeting to check out a demo of EasyOnboard, or email us at info@dojah.io if you have any questions. Also, visit our website to learn more about Dojah.

Start onboarding and verifying users at scale with the power of no-code.




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