Selfie Verification for Onboarding on a Mobile App

2 min readAug 10, 2021
selfie verification with dojah

With technological advancements being made everyday for better, easier and more efficient solutions, identity and verification processes are not left behind.

From research, the recent technologies tailored to KYC processes such as biometrics, trained ML models, amongst others against the traditional methods of filling forms, and physical meetings produce timely and accurate results in secured ways.

While businesses aim to provide great customer experience and easier customer journey, it is of note that these are easily judged from the onboarding process. Customers do not want to fill multiple pages of questionnaires, answer a series of questions and upload numerous documents before they can access a service. Hence, Dojah’s easy-to-use KYC APIs.

With a store of APIs for KYC processes, all you need to do is integrate. We build and sell for you to shop and use just as you would, a tin of milk.

The selfie verification API from Dojah is highly recommended as one of such APIs that provide great experience to the user during the onboarding process.

How it works

With our selfie verification API, the identity of an individual is easily verified, using a selfie image against any of the requested documents as determined by the business.

The user will be required to:

  1. take a clear selfie image.
  2. submit a means of identification; any photo ID, BVN, NIN.

Where a confidence value of 100 indicates a perfect match, returning a true response.

A confidence value of 80–90 indicates high similarity.

And a value of 0 indicates no match, returning a false response.

It is entirely up to the business to decide what value range would be acceptable.

Did you know that the use of biometric technology in systems boosts the trust of users in that system?

Let us build alongside you, a great system for your users.

You can see how this API works in the documentation and as soon as you are ready to integrate, please sign up.




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