Transactional Messages for Businesses

Transactional messages or not?

Customers now have a higher level of expectation from companies in terms of communication, and businesses also aspire to provide great user experience for customers, from the sign-up process to using the product/service.

While there is the place of UI/UX designs and codes to develop the experience/product, how do you sustain great user experience? For this, transactional messages are the best practice for customer communication.

Transactional messaging is an incredible tool for sending the most important messages while also increasing customer engagement which can make a big impact. This refers to any message sent from your business to your customers that provides valuable information about a product, service or process as against promotional messages which are really just for marketing.

Recipients do not just expect transactional messages but need to receive them.

With Dojah, transactional messages can be sent to all recipients irrespective of their network provider and regardless of their DND status 24/7. The messages can be identified via a Sender ID the company chooses.

To bypass DND, Dojah makes available two options:

  1. The premium route.
  2. By processing your authorization request with NCC.
Delivery of OTP via WhatsApp

Transactional messages could be in any of the following forms:

  • Welcome or onboarding messages
  • Two-factor authentication messages
  • One-time passwords (OTPs)
  • Bank account balance
  • Financial transaction updates
  • Event registration confirmation messages
  • Customer feedback request messages
  • Security check messages
  • Password reset messages
  • Order confirmation
  • Time triggered messages/reminders

Financial institutions, FinTech companies, logistics companies, digital transportation companies, EdTech companies, security companies, e-commerce businesses, DTH operators, e-ticketing agencies are some of the many businesses that will benefit greatly from transactional messaging services.

Why you should opt for Dojah’s transactional messaging services

  1. Delivery is fast; done in seconds.
  2. Higher rate of delivery using our priority feature.
  3. Multiple channels supported; SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
  4. Ability to bypass DND mode.
  5. Customized Sender ID
  6. Convenient for users as it is delivered to their mobile phones.
  7. Low cost; we provide this service at cheaper rates.
  8. Easy-to-use APIs; seamless integration.
  9. Ability to customize messages and set triggers.

Now, you know why it should be transactional messages you send. So, let us get you started with Dojah.

How to get started.

To get onboard and integrate with our messaging services:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Integrate with our APIs.
  3. Request a Sender ID (optional).
  4. Start making API calls.

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