Verifying Driver’s License for a Ride Hailing Service Onboarding Process

Verifying the details on a driver’s license
Verifying the details of a driver’s license

A major problem largely faced by many Nigerians centers around transportation and logistics. So are you looking to solve this problem in your own way?

Maybe by building a ride hailing application, providing logistics service, transforming the daily commute of individuals, businesses?

Well, while some of your concerns may include ways to validate the identities of the drivers, to ensure an easy onboarding process that suits your use case, to prevent the creation of false identities, and eliminate fraudulent activities, with Dojah’s Lookup Driver’s License API, you are many steps into a seamless solution.

The driver’s license is one of many acceptable documents issued as a means of identification in Nigeria, to anyone intending to operate any type of vehicle in the country.

So what better way to have your solution.

How does it work?

With this API, you can easily validate the driving license number of an individual using just the license number and date of birth of the individual to give as results, the:

  • Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)
  • License number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name
  • Gender
  • Issued date
  • Expiry date
  • State of Issue
  • Birthdate
  • Photo of the individual

With varied costs and point of contact when it comes to obtaining a driving license, there is a high possibility that invalid or fake licenses are issued.

So for people who cannot afford the right service for the right pay or people with ulterior motives having such fake licenses, why worry about this when Dojah can easily validate the licenses submitted across the nation.

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