Wallet Services

With our NGN wallet APIs, you can easily create wallets for users and they can easily transfer money in and out of the wallets created.

  1. Payroll: Because you can easily track transactions and statuses, you can easily build an application where you can pay your staff on a monthly/weekly basis.
  2. Bill Payments: The wallets APIs can enable users to easily pay bills e.g. electricity. They can move the money to the wallet created, and it is deducted at the appropriate time.
  3. Rewards and discounts: It can be used to reward customers, this can be used to win customers over.

And many more…

  1. Create Wallet: You can create a wallet following the directions here. A name will be assigned to the wallets created.
  2. Get Wallet details: For every wallet created, you can get the details.
  3. Transfer funds: You can move money in from any bank in Nigeria and out of the wallet to any bank in Nigeria. And funds can also be transferred to accounts outside of the wallet system.
  4. Get Transaction details: This endpoint allows you to get the details of a transaction or all transactions to determine if it was successful or not.

To use this API, click here for easy access to the API documentation and also here to login.

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