WellaHealth Partners With Dojah to Increase Verification Speed by 100%

3 min readNov 4, 2022


The Nigerian public healthcare system leaves much to be desired in terms of solid infrastructure and facilities that can cater to the needs of the people. This leads many to seek medical care in private facilities, which are too expensive for the Nigerian majority.

Dr Ikpeme Neto is changing this with WellaHealth by providing affordable and accessible high-quality healthcare coverage via insurance plans. Launched in 2017, it is a health-tech startup championing the cause of accessible healthcare for all, ensuring that every Nigerian, including those in lower economic classes, can easily access the medical treatments and care they need.

They do this by partnering with healthcare and insurance suppliers to provide financing and cut costs for people seeking medical care. WellaHealth helps users reduce in-person hospital visits for common diseases, decreasing hospital queues and wait times.

Users can search for the medicine they need, call or chat with doctors, join health-focused communities, buy and manage healthcare plans on WellaHealth’s platform. If health truly is wealth, then WellaHealth wants to make every Nigerian a millionaire.


  • As part of their onboarding process, WellaHealth has to manually verify their users’ identities by having their customer success team call every user that signed up. It was stressful because there were many people to call and data to store and manage.
  • After collecting the user data, WellaHealth had to manually cross-check and confirm the data’s validity and accuracy, which was draining and affecting their productivity.
  • This system was hectic, slow, limited their growth, and difficult to scale. The amount of time and resources spent verifying users was too much.
  • WellaHealth needed a verification solution that would provide a frictionless experience.

Generally, WellaHealth needed a faster and more effective means of verifying identities and extracting their customers’ data, so they turned to Dojah.


By integrating with Dojah’s Phone Number Lookup service, WellaHealth extracts basic users’ data from their phone numbers for seamless verification. This is a low-friction verification method, since users are naturally given to providing their phone number as part of onboarding.

WellaHealth chose Dojah as their verification partner first because they needed seamless integration that wouldn’t interrupt their operations nor require long hours of developer work.


By partnering with Dojah, WellaHealth increased their speed of user verification by 100%. According to Joseph Okoroafor, Head of Marketing and Communications at WellaHealth,”Dojah offered us a seamless verification service via phone number data extraction that customer onboarding and verification process effortless for us. We are pleased about our improved productivity since partnering with Dojah.” WellaHealth now saves money, time and manpower and redirects those valuable resources to providing their users with better healthcare services.

Why Dojah?

Dojah is Africa’s first complete end-to-end verification platform for onboarding, compliance, and fraud-check. We are powering trust in Africa’s major economies via our identity verification tools.

Easily access your users’ Financial data, Biometric data, Government data, Telco data, AML data, and more for seamless verification and onboarding. Explore multiple integration options via our API, widgets, and No-Code tools to build custom onboarding flows for all stages of your customer journey.

Start verifying your users with ease today. Contact us if you have any questions or schedule a demo session. Explore our website and documentation to learn more about our product offerings.




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