Authenticate and Transact with Customers Easily via Messaging Services

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Kippa makes use of our messaging APIs to replace the physical record books for small African business owners (bookkeeping) and why?

Because we enable them to easily communicate with merchants, small business owners across Africa on the app providing their customers with the means to easily send receipts and invoices, track debtors, send debt bills via SMS and WhatsApp with their customized sender id. We also ensure them a higher rate of message delivery and return a delivery report of messages sent with their status.

A WhatsApp message sent from Kippa using “Dojah(default)” as sender ID on WhatsApp

With our messaging APIs, you can:

  • Easily send transactional messages.
  • Validate and authenticate users via OTP.
  • Get delivery status of messages sent.
  • Customize your sender ID per channel.
  • Send messages to numbers on DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.
  • Verbally send guides, OTPs to customers.
  • Verify the identity of customers merged with our BVN KYC service.

All of these ensure a much easier means of communication with your customers, helping you connect better. We provide great service to you to enable you provide even greater service to your customers.

We ensure messages get delivered to every registered phone number irrespective of their network provider or telco plan and are able to do this because of a special feature we have called the priority messaging feature. You can read more about this here.

And with Dojah’s messaging services, you are assured of:

  • Cheaper pricing rate with a pay-as-you-go model implemented.
  • Massive discounts per volume of messages sent.
  • Higher delivery rate of messages.
  • Ability to try multiple channels (SMS, WhatsApp, Voice).
  • Ability to customize the sender ID.
  • Free credits on signing up.

Most businesses would prefer a customized sender ID so their customers know the messages are coming from them, preventing the customers from falling prey to fictitious messages from imposters and fraudsters looking to defraud them and we make available a way to do so.

While this is optional, we already provide a default ID you can choose to use.

To start using our messaging APIs:

  1. Check out our documentation.
  2. Sign up here.
  3. Request your sender ID here (optional).
  4. Integrate into your code.
  5. Get free credits to start sending messages.

You can also follow us on twitter, linkedin and check out our website for more info and if you would like to discuss further with us, please reach out via mail to

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