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Verify businesses easily with Dojah

Credit worth of a customer

Verifying the details on a driver’s license
Verifying the details of a driver’s license

selfie verification with dojah

Use case

  1. Payroll: Because you can easily track transactions and statuses, you can easily build an application where you can pay your staff on a monthly/weekly basis.
  2. Bill Payments: The wallets APIs can enable users to easily pay bills e.g. electricity. They can move the money to the wallet created, and it is deducted at the appropriate time.
  3. Rewards and discounts: It can be used to reward customers, this can be used to win customers over.

How it works

A simple use case

  1. Wallets are created for users as they sign up
  2. User A (Seller) offers to sell a portion of their crypto on the platform you build.
  3. User B (Buyer) offers to buy this portion (or even less) of this crypto.
  4. The platform collects the seller’s crypto in escrow
  5. The buyer…


Categories/Sub-categories we currently track

selfie for identity verification

Use Case

How does this work?



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