Dojah’s 2022: The Year in Review

4 min readJan 9, 2023


2022 was a busy and eventful year for us at Dojah, and we went through many internal and external changes. We grew in more ways than we thought possible and are still amazed at everything we have accomplished, which would have been impossible without the hard work of our team members.

Here’s a zoom into some interesting highlights, moments, and milestones of Dojah’s 2022.

We Finished The YCombinator Cohort

Getting into YCombinatior’s Winter 22 batch was a huge growth accelerator for us, as their support, resources, and the expertise of over 7000 founders enabled us to move faster than ever.

We Rebranded and Launched Our New Identity

Our rebrand is one of the greatest highlights of 2022. As the vision of Dojah became, we needed a new form of expression that did a better job of capturing our identity, the truth of who we are as a company. So many things changed with the rebrand, including our logo, website, typeface, color scheme, and the interface of our applications. We’ve gotten positive feedback from our customers and supporters since the rebrand and are glad to see how it resonates with everyone.

More People Joined the Dojahland

The Dojah team grew bigger and better this year as twelve more people came on board; a 60% team growth. Our new team members bring their years of experience, expertise, and a fresh perspective with them, so this isn’t just a growth in quantity but also in quality. Working remotely with a growing diverse team has been a boost in our speed and productivity.

5x Growth in API Calls

This year, there was a greater demand for our customer onboarding and identity verification services, and customers made five times more API calls than they did in 2021.

More Businesses Chose Dojah

Our client base increased this year, and we gained a 3x increase in customers as more businesses chose Dojah as their identity verification platform.

We Expanded Our ID Verification Endpoints

We are growing! We Expanded our ID Verification endpoints to Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Egypt. This expansion takes us one step further to our goal of giving every business the tools they need to onboard customers across Africa.

Introducing New Products

We built a lot in 2022. Our engineering and product teams worked on minor product releases and improvements to existing products. Besides those, we also made some major and notable product releases this year, giving you even more tools to seamlessly onboard and verify your customers.

Low-code and No-code ID Verification Tools.

  • EasyOnboard

The no-code customer onboarding solution that enables you to reduce fraud, adopt compliance checks across several countries, and onboard and verify users easily. It comes with multiple templates and verification options delivered in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  • EasyLookup

The no-code tool for performing quick lookups to verify the authenticity and accuracy of your customer’s information. It comes with multiple verification options for different countries’ identity database.

Introducing: Address Verification API

We released the Address Verification API to solve the problems businesses face when verifying addresses accurately, at scale, and in real time. This API fixes the shortcomings of manual verification and replaces the need for utility bills and physical address checks and inspections.

Introducing: Identity Verification Widget — Africa’s First Complete ID Verification Solution

The ID Verification Widget is the comprehensive identity verification solution that enables you to balance the risks that come with onboarding, regulatory compliance, and a seamless experience for customers. The widget comes with multiple features and functionalities to aid in your customer verification efforts.

We Expanded our Communication Channels

We added three more communication channels this year; our Twitter Spaces tagged ‘DojahTalks,’ a monthly newsletter tagged ‘DojahDigest,’ and a webinar series tagged ‘KYC For Growth.’ The addition of these channels helped increase the reach of our communication to a larger audience.

DojahTalks was the platform where we held conversations on identity theft and protection in Web2 and Web3, fraud protection, KYC, and how to strike a balance between compliance, innovation, and customer experience.

With DojahDigest, we curated the best content surrounding onboarding, identity verification, and fraud detection, alongside company updates. The first issue went out in September, and we have more issues coming your way.

KYC For Growth is our first of many webinar series where we lead discussions surrounding customer onboarding and identity verification. The topics and insights shared by our in-house experts and guest speakers are geared towards showing businesses how they can utilize KYC as an enabler for growth and scale. We held the first session in November, tagged KYC For Growth: How To Build The Ideal Onboarding & Verification Process.’ Here’s a recording of the session, in case you missed it.

Looking Into 2023

2022 was a great year, but 2023 will be even greater. We are excited about the new year because it will be full of growth and innovation for us at Dojah, both for the company and the team.

We wish you and yours a happy holiday; see you in 2023.




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